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Hey guys! So it’s been awhile (since October 17, in fact) since I updated about my skin care. I’ve been super busy traveling the US and haven’t had time to breathe, let alone spend some time doing reviews! But I’m back, and wanted to share some progress with you all!

The top picture is me on October 17. I’d been having some acne issues after using Kat von D’s Lock-It foundation. I’d also been feeling a little down about some of the dark spots appearing on my face. I’m 32 years old (33 this January) and I really want to hold off doing even minor cosmetic surgery for as long as I can (haters hate, but there’s nothing wrong with a few microderms and chemical peels when the time is right, but I just don’t think that time is now for me).

I started a rather aggressive treatment plan, and I’m super happy with where my skin is! Even with how cold and dry this winter has been, my skin hasn’t felt this good since I moved to Atlanta a few years back! So I’m gonna share what’s worked for me. Now, I’m not professional, and keep in mind everyone’s skin is different, but I’ve suggested this routine to a couple of my girl friends and they have had similar, positive results!

The picture on the purple wall is me as of December 9th. No makeup, no  Photoshop, but even in 2 months, I’ve seen a huge difference!

Clarisonic with Boscia’s Clear Complexion CleanserDr. Dennis Gross Retinol Brightening Solution
Perricone MD Photo Plasma Moisturizer
*If I’m going to be spending any significant time in the sun, I add Boscia’s Quick Defense Sunscreen, and keep it in my purse to apply as needed throughout the day.

I alternate nights between using my Clarisonic with my Boscia cleanser, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel in Extra Strength, a touch of the Dr. Gross Retinol serum, and finish it off with Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C sleeping facial.
On the opposite nights, I use the Korres Wild Rose face scrub with my Clarisonic, the Retinol serum, and the Sleeping mask.

That’s it! I think earlier this year I was using too many products and my face was just freaking out. It’s a really easy routine that takes a few minutes in the morning, and about 10 minutes in the evening.

In the two months I’ve definitely noticed brighter skin, my dark spots appear smaller and lighter. My skin is more hydrated. My acne (with the exception on a spot on my chin and forehead, where I think I’ve been resting my hands while I sleep) has gone away, but that is probably mainly due to not using the Kat von D foundation. And overall, I’m just really happy with how I look sans makeup!

I hope this is able to help anyone who may be having the same issues I was!

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