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Been having a rough couple of days, and even when he can’t be right by my side, @gregdestefano makes sure I know that I am loved and thought after. Sappy photo is sappy, I know, but every day I fall more in love with him and marvel at what it’s like to have an equal, a partner to share my joys and heart breaks, someone to be my rock when I need it. I may not have taken the easiest route to get to where I’m at, but it makes me all the more appreciative of what I have. đź’–

[on diversity in media] I think its social responsibility. I think it’s our responsibility to stand up and say what we want. It think if you look at television in the past two years, it’s becoming the decade of the female. Like, all these new shows with female leads. Even if you look at television, as well as cable, as well as films, there’s been a resurgence, as far as the leading woman in Hollywood, which is great. And I think we’re also at the point now…you know, it’s interesting…x

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Life really is a balance. You can’t have the good without the bad. Been forcing a smile on my face for days, pretending everything is okay. But my little Angel isn’t doing well and something in my gut just knows it’s his time. Gonna see how this round of steroids works, but I don’t want him suffering just to give me a few more months with him.




Abandoned Obese Maine Coon Cat Goes on a Weight Loss Program with the Help of His Newly Adopted Human

King Leo, a beautiful but obese Maine Coon cat, was found abandoned in early August, trapped in his carrier on the side of a road in Nashville, Tennessee. Now rescued, King Leo is currently undergoing a weight loss program with his newly adopted human, vet tech LaTisha Lampley.
The ten-year-old cat was taken to Metro Animal Care and Control and then transported to Cat Shoppe Rescue where he received care. Owner and veterinary technician LaTisha Lampley, 34, adopted King Leo after caring for him at Animalia Health and Wellness. King Leo had over 2lbs of fur shaved off of him, and is undergoing water treadmill sessions to build strength and lose weight. LaTisha and her family are monitoring his caloric intake and incorporating playtime exercises in their home in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Photos by ©King Leo - Text by Laughing Squid

This cat is going to have some rock hard abs and will be eating nothing but protein with a backwards ball cap in a few months

Rock on, King Leo. I’m glad somebody rescued him and now he has a good home.

Whoever abandoned him in a box on the side of the road can seriously rot in hell. There’s no excuse for being a shitty person to animals.


I’ve seen a lot of my friends open up over the last few days about being in emotionally and physically abusive relationships as part of the #WhyIStayed movement.

I’ve always been vocal about my history with an abuser, and while I carried a deep shame from that part of my life for many years, a shame instilled in me by him, I fought every day to get out of the shadow of his influence, and I won. One of the things that helped was volunteering at a woman’s shelter. Helping others through my experience, and learning I was not alone in them, helped me grow and battle my own demons. Having watched people I care about go through what I did, and so much worse, only fueled me to share my story when others felt they couldn’t open up. And I’ve been thinking lately about finding a local woman’s shelter and volunteering my time and my shoulder for those who need it. This of course applies to friends most of all.

Why did I stay? I didn’t think I was worth anything to anyone, but I knew most of all I was worthless to myself. He worked to isolate me from my friends, created environments where I was seen as crazy and out of control, would go to online forms I frequented, or that my friends did, and post evils and untruths about me, preying on my insecurities. And at the end of the day, he made sure I knew he was the only person who would ever love me. No, worse, the only person who would even put up with me.

But my story isn’t about why I stayed. It’s about why I left.

I may not have thought I was worth much at the time. But I knew I was worth more than what he made me out to be. I was worth more than him.

I want to see all these people who have survived the horrors of an abusive relationship talking about why they left, too. Show others that there is a way out. You can escape from that life. We stay in abusive relationships for generally the same, terrifying, reasons. But why we leave them shows our personal resilience and ability to overcome great odds. The stories of freeing ourselves and finding our identity after having them brutally ripped from us need to be shared as well as finding solidarity with those who stay on. So when you post about why you stayed, follow up with why you left. Let others know there is a way out of the darkness.

#WhyILeft? I was worth it.

Our Earth is pretty cool.

If you like geology, you’re used to relying on an active imagination. Most geologic processes occur too slowly to see them play out for yourself. Many of the exceptions are dangerous enough that you might not want a front row seat or are rare enough that the odds of being there to witness them are disheartening. Sometimes, though, the Earth throws us a bone—or in this case, a gigantic slab of granite.

One interesting way that rocks weather and crumble apart is called “exfoliation.” Like the skin-scrubbing technique, this involves the outermost layers of exposed igneous or metamorphic bedrock sloughing off in a sheet. Over time, this tends to smooth and round the outcrop—Yosemite’s Half Dome providing a spectacular example.

We’re not entirely sure just what drives the peeling of an outcrop’s skin like this, but the classic explanation is that it’s the result of bringing rocks that formed at great pressure up to the surface. Once there, the outer layers can expand slightly, creating a physical mismatch with the layers below them.

Typically, you can observe the results of this type of weathering, but it’s not every day that you can catch it in the act. For some reason (and to the delight of curious geologists), an outcrop of granite alongside the dam that forms Twain Harte Lake in California has recently begun exfoliating vigorously. “Grab your popcorn” vigorously.

Modesto Junior College instructor Garry Hayes documented a trip to see this strange thing on his blog, and the video below by YouTube user dotysan captures a pretty spectacular demonstration of exfoliation. 

Via Arts Technica 

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